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My humble abode, click on go to folder to tour the house and find my work.
The winter chill has firmly placed it's grip on the house. I am trying to keep the fires burning. Come on in and make yourself at home. I am still doing a bit of remodeling and decorating soooo,,, Please watch your step...

Thanks for coming by!
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The following rooms are ready for company ...
Just click on the image to enter the room. I hope that you enjoy your stay!

The Garden Room
Come on in...find an afghan, curl up in a chair and read some of my poetry. You might want to wear sunglasses, this room gets amazing light.
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The Sun Porch
There are more afghans in here...the couches are pretty comfy. There is a pitcher of iced tea on the corner table. Grab one of my short stories and settle in.
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The Library-Music Room
A little bit of Heaven...what could be better than solid cherry, treasured books and beautiful music? Feel free to wonder around and check out the collection. Please make sure that your hands are clean...and above all do not break any bindings!
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The Game Room
Billiards anyone? I love to play pool, it was one of my favorite things to do with my Daddy! There are all sorts of games and activities in here...I hope that you find something that sparks your interest!
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The Craft Room
This is my special place in the attic...In here I can whip up a dress...create a stack of cards...design the perfect party and create all sorts of magic and mayhem!
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I'm not working really fast, because of my asthma, but trust me I am working really hard to get the whole house ready for all of you to wander through and enjoy!
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