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40 yo mom of 6 (3 twin sets)
Screen Name: TravelingTwins
Name & Age: Donna 40
DH Name & Age: Gary 45
Children: Names/Ages: ds 12yo George dd 12yo Martha ds 9yo John dd 9yo Abigail
dd 7yo Abigail, ds 7yo Franklin (Frankie)
Location: Home: Denver, CO
Notable physical characteristics :
Strongest personality traits: Adventurous/Spontaneous
Weakest personality traits: Lack of planning
Favorite sayings: Let’s do it!
Describe family life : Busy, exploring, learning, doing
Needs of the character: Be the best
Reason for Homeschooling: Better education
Educational Approach: On-line, supplemented by hands on
Education/career: High School history teacher,
DH Education/career: Freelance web design/ programmer
Interests and hobbies: Reading/Travel
Children’s extra curricular: Electronics, history
Religion: I’ve got the Bible and Jesus. I don’t need anything else
Financial situation: Stable
Vehicle: 40ft RV + 9 passenger van
Neighborhood: On wheels
Most valued possession: Laptop computer
What drives your character: Learning more and more and more
Conflict resolution technique: Sit down and talk it out. Respect makes it work
Soapbox: The schools these days just don’t work
Philosophy on life: You’ll never know if you don’t try.
Other notes: FlyBaby
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    Notes on RVing
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