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When you write novels they need a place to sit and shine

I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all.
~Richard Wright, American Hunger, 1977
    Rated: 13+ · Fantasy · #1530601
    Can anyone save Pheado from the darkness?
    Rated: 18+ · Fantasy · #1492162
    Sit down for I am about to tell you things are nothing like they seem. NaNoWriMo 2008
    Rated: 18+ · Fantasy · #1685258
    The Dream that inspired Fatale, Monster Hospital and Waiting History.
    Rated: 18+ · Romance/Love · #1592740
    He drove me across the ocean and I washed up in your arms
    Rated: 13+ · Action/Adventure · #885106
    One day I hope this to be Published
    Rated: 13+ · Fantasy · #662971
    This is the Kai series Dedicated to Teddy Berringer
    Rated: GC · Crime/Gangster · #2009752
    For my Entries to the Character Gauntlet September 2014
    Rated: 18+ · Thriller/Suspense · #1958214
    A space for developing Byron, Character Gauntlet 2013; NaNo Prep 2014
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