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Contemporary Romances revolving around Music
Metal/ Rock: Depressed and jaded, Travis O'Hare loves playing guitar for the highly popular rock band "Cadaver Cult", but life otherwise is pretty grey. Until he has a one night stand with some groupie from a drive bar on the south side of town. Mackenzie Matthews is no different from any other one night stand, so why can't he let her go? A trip to her home town for the holidays brings a new level to their budding romance, and new challenges for Travis to face. Jealous ex-classmates, dangerous ex-boyfriends, and a mysterious feud between Mac and her twin leave Travis reeling. Maybe there's a reason regular people don't mingle with stars...

Techno: With his college work complete, Jack Spade is ready to come out and play. His game of choice? The Rave scene. With glowing lights, entrancing music and drugs that make it all spin, Jack debuts as a DJ on a world tour planning to take it all to a new level. And at his side, his newest employee, Belladonna. Her lightshows dazzle his crowds and in short order the two are raking it in. But in this nightlife of sex and addiction, can Jack maintain his own morals and keep his hands off his partner? And can Bella convince him to do otherwise?

Pop: Maggie Hart had it all. Million dollar record deals, merchandise that sold out wherever sold, a boyfriend from a popular boy band, every Louise Vutton bag ever made, and even a few movie deals in the works. The only thing she doesn't have is Conner. After walking out of her life five years ago, he's back... As her bodyguard! Reminding her every minute of every day what she's missing... But an affair with a bodygaurd is SO not cool. He's totally not for her! Or is he? Is it possible for Maggie to have her cake and eat it too?
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