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by beetle
Rated: E · Folder · Satire · #1669395
Who saves the superheroes? Input appreciated.
This story is set in a world like our own, except there are superheroes and supervillains—the results of meteor radiation--called eX-Norms.

Two months after a (mostly) failed terrorist attack on a City by a supervillain (the Green Knight), the novel touches on the lives of said terrorist's intimates and enemies in the aftermath. The details of the attack would be revealed by these characters throughout the course of the novel.

This story would be, in large part, a send-up of comic books and graphic novels. The names of the eX-Norm heroes and villains are meant to be humorous, and I do my best to cram every comic book cliché in it, plus mainstays like Arkham Asylum, The Justice League of America, even the name eX-Norm (X-Men, anyone?) into this work.

But he satire surrounds a core of honest emotions and real people. They are desperate and wearing many different kinds of masks. In some cases, their lives have been decimated by The Green Knight, and in others, redeemed.

These first two entries bring together the Green Knight's lover, Crimson Casey, and his nemesis, The Stranger.

Word count: 11,029
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1669395-Super