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Rated: 13+ · Folder · Fantasy · #1752027
Raucous laughter and drinking songs beckon you into The Lighting Bolt Inn. (Flash Fiction)
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A wooden sign emblazoned with the words 'The Lightning Bolt' creaks in the wind. You slip through the heavy wooden door and the jolly sound of laughter and merry song welcomes you. Revelers gather around scrubbed wooden tables, feasting on bowls of hardy stew and drinking from large wooden mugs. A voluptuous redhead enters from the kitchen and greets you with a warm smile. "Welcome, traveler! Make yourself at home. There's an empty table in the back corner. One moment, and I'll bring you some stew and a flagon of mead."

Welcome to the Lightning Bolt! Many an adventure has begun in this very Inn, and many a tale has been told here. I come to the Inn to write all of my flash fiction stories (1000 words and less). Pull up a chair, and maybe one of the patrons will lend tongue to a good story!
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    This folder contains less polished stories. Critiques and opinions needed!
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