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Rated: E · Folder · Fantasy · #1752033
A wave of heat and the tangy smell of metal lead to the forge where fantasy tales bloom.
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The tangy smell of metal curls around you as you enter the stone archway leading to the forge. A wave of heat assaults you as you catch sight of the roaring fires. Jonah the gnome jumps up and down on the billows; each leap sends a gust of air into the fire, making it dance and swirl. He gives you a small wave, but is too out of breath to say anything. His silver beard bounces with each jump, and his lips are pursed as he puffs for air. Beyond Jonah, the blacksmith, Isiah, pounds a rod of gleaming metal until it begins to resemble the shape of a sword. Soon it will become a weapon worthy of knights and kings.

Welcome to the Fantasy Forge! This folder contains all of my fantasy stories longer than 1000 words and my fantasy works in progress. If you are looking for a shorter tale, check the "The Lightning Bolt. Enjoy your explorations!

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