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College essays, content for web sites, and articles revolving around my personal interests
In addition to articles which were composed as original web content, this section of my portfolio contains articles that began with my curiosity.

My college education, including a BA from the University of Texas at Austin, certified me as a teacher of English, English as a Second Language, and history.

I had sufficient hours for a minor in psychology, and my interests have continued in mental health and emotional disability issues. I accumulated a number of post-graduate hours in reading while teaching school for ten years across the state of Texas. I'm not trying to say I'm old, but my hair is salt and pepper. It's cut in a bob, shorter on one side. Back when Brittany shaved her head, I did too. My act was premeditated. I'd thought about it more than three days. I didn't consider having all my hair shaved off consequences, particularly. I'd colored my hair red since I went to an Alice Cooper concert, and I kept coloring it until I started adding numbers to fifty.

What is it they say, "Age is just a concept, You're only as old as you feel, ad nauseum?" Sounds like a personal problem to me.

My days of coaching cheerleading are long past. It's probably been fifteen years since I've been in a classroom. However, I do now research the Internet professionally. That doesn't mean I get paid for it. I get by.

I keep up with my health issues, including a bad back, and bipolar disorder, and do the best I can to help my 88 year old Mother face the challenges that later years inflict. Many Baby Boomers have now become parents to their parents, and have lots of difficult issues and emotions haunting them.

To further my education, I began study of veterinary technology. During that time I also worked at an animal clinic, and began my own pet sitting business called "Critter Sitter". I stayed with cats, dogs, several exotic birds, snakes, gerbils, and fishes.

I only gave up the sitting when my own domestic companion group grew. I have a blonde Lab mix-age 11, a German Shepherd--age 9, and three Siamese cats who allow me to share their space. My previous Siamese was with me 20 years, and it look three lovlies from the same litter to "replace" her. I also write personalized pet condolence cards, with heavy references to "The Rainbow Bridge."

I'm fortunate for my pets friendships, concerned by the ever-rising cost of pet food, and always ready to review a vaccuum cleaner that would actually move all the animal hair from my house. I'm working toward renewing a personal blog by the title of CatDogMama. I have experience with horses and cows, and love sharing pet stories. Multiple animal households don't have to be a zoo--one just needs to understand animal language. My five animal companions and I are just fine.

Beauty and fashion keep magazines arriving at my door every month. I keep up with styles and colors and looks of each new season. I did some runway modeling in Houston years ago, and I've kept up with trends and tips for different ages of womanhood and different makeups. My longest freelance job lasted seven months as I researched and composed information for a "inside beauty secrets" site. You don't have to pile on layers of different beauty items to be glam. Avoiding extreme looks, and keeping conservative options to accessorize can save you from overdoing a good look. Know your colors, and play up your features. I'm practically a cosmetic artist, after writing about the subject for seven months

I have enjoyed digging in the dirt since I was a kid. I've been adjusting my exterior landscape since I moved into a house five years ago. Herbs grown in the yard, or a convenient clay pot, can add the delight of fresh herbs to cooking. Placing plants in correct sun, blending colors and textures, keeping the water regular, and watcing God work wonders amazes me every planting season. I also dabble in mycology, keeping my scientific research data precisely and properly recorded.

Interior decorating is a personal choice, but traditions and different eclectic pieces can be worked into a comfortable and decorative style if you remember about contrasting textures and working closely with colors that do work together--browse a material store and find a print that you can build a room around. Staining and painting furniture can bring a new freshness to a room, and a good coat of paint for the purpose will enliven the darkest of nooks.

I bead, I make earrings and necklaces and bracelets, and I've started accessorizing my clothing to add a bit of extra glitz. I like to paint t-shirts and framed canvas. I sketch trees, and am always on the lookout for a photo opportunity in nature. I like to drive around White Rock Lake.

My interests go on and on. If you're still with me, smile. Topics will expand as does this folder. Read and rate, and send me a review in detail if you like. Thanks for stopping by . . . .

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