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Poetry with a bipolar perspective. Some to go in my 2018 book; comments please.
Poems in this folder are to be included in my first self-published book called "Emotional Blood."

The book is to be published by AuthorHouse.com, sometime in 2017, when I get the manuscript to final edit stage and submit for print. 45 days later, I'm published...and the book can be purchased via Amazon.com. My pen name is Patrice Lauren.

I need to cull out poems until I have only the best 25-37 (or so). Deciding which poems to ditch is a difficult decision. It's like deciding to put one of my "babies" on a shelf.

Also, I'm trying to re-consider the personal parts of my life that I am making public. I'm sort of in angst considering the personal skeletons I'm about to bare to scrutiny. Generally, in a crowd, I'm a shy person. I don't think a shy writer could cut it publicly, so I've spilled much personal trauma that I'd prefer to forget.

The book was originally to be poems and essays, but I'm thinking perhaps "just poems" is the best way to publish my first book. I've been published in other's anthologies, but this book will be all my work.

I can have three color illustrations.

Please critique, and tell me what I've done right, and what still needs work. Many thanks for your time.
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