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This folder is for all my attempts at showing you my dark side...such as it is
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Welcome to the Woods. It has never been given a proper name, it is just known as the Woods.There have been disappearances in the area since before the town was founded, and it has become surrounded by folk lore and mystery. It has become rather hush hush. Does anyone really know the truth? No one wants to acknowledge that the beings in the woods may be the cause. No one wants to acknowledge that there are beings in the woods period. With the naked eye, this place has so much potential. It is home to two lakes, a water fall, caves and several mountains.
However, this place is thick with trees and brush..it is easy to get lost, so please be careful. The atmosphere is dense..and please watch out for the swamp, and the quicksand. The Mistress of the woods who rules this area is ruthless and unforgiving. There are other beings who make their homes in these woods. If you just have to be here ...come during the day, but stay in the clearing; although that is no guarantee either. If you enter...you many never return....
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