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My letter, regarding the baby named Alejandra Wiegand, to the Dallas County Courts,
I am a writer by profession.

This folder contains letters to the court. and personal narration regarding the life and legal guardianship of baby Alejandra Wiegand, baby of almost ten months, having been born in May of 2012, in Battle Creek. Michigan to mother Jennifer Marie Wiegand, DOB 12/4/65.

Her mother, Jennifer Wiegand, is currently in the custody of the Dallas County Jail System, charged with abuse of Alejandra. The injury occurred while Manuel (aka Erammo Aguirre, DOB 11/25-70), Jenifer Weigand's roommate, and caregiver to baby Alejandra, was alone with the child.

I was not there to see Alejandr's physical condition, and neither was Mother Wiegand, having walked to the store in order to purchase dinner groceries for the family. Manuel had arrived home from his work in construction.. He regularly took care of the baby during the short and few times when Jennifer was not able to be with Alejandra. The three of them, Manuel, Jennifer, and baby Alejandra, were in a living routine in a small apartment in Dallas. They all seemed happy; Alejandra a beautiful smile and a twinkle in her eye. She was still discovering the wonders of fingers and toes when I last saw her in December of 2012.

I am a fifty-eight year old female, who has not raised any children, but I did spend a dozen years of my life as a middle school teacher. I always cared about my students as if they were my children, though I never actually raised one myself.

I held the baby myself, inexperienced as I am with such a young child, and I didn't break her. Manuel and Jennifer both warned me to hold her neck, although this was something that I did know.

I suspect that Manuel picked Alejandra up in a manner that did not adequately support her neck.

I have seen Manuel carry the baby and tend to her needs. Manuel is of considerable weight and girth. He's a big guy who makes a living using his body for constrction.

During emotional outburts, in the blink of an adenalyn provoked movement, who is to judge and mark the line between accidental and premeditated.

Manuel, Jennifer, and Alejandra had vistited me at my home on several occassions in late November, and during the month of December. Alejandra was a happy, healthy, and loved child. Alejandra was the center of Jennifer's life.

As a human beings, we all make choices, some domino in directions and into situations that we never could have imagined in a million years.

Jennifer returned to their apartment, maybe and hour later. The baby's condition was serious enough, that Manuel put Mother Jennifer and baby Alejandra in his vehicle, and dropped them off at the hospital, and fled the scene, perhaps nevermore to be heard from.

ARTURO SANCHEZ, father, is residing somewhere unknown to me in the state of California.

Jennifer Wiegand's counsel has not made initial contact, and his phone is disconnected. Her folks back in Battle Creek don't have much. When Jen and I drove through a rural area around Van Alystene, Texas, she said it felt like her home. It's the country where Jennifer grew up. She left home young, and landed in Dallas, Texas at the turn of the millenium.

We met happenstance as our boyfriends used to live next door to each other. Neither of us see those two guys now. Jenifer has been my friend, housekeeper, organizer, jewelry making co-worker, and all round depenable person, and person of her word this century.

She was 27 on her last December birthday.
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