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"A lot of people struggle in their twenties"
A lot of people struggle through their twenties, here's a playlist of proof:

         I don't know about the rest of you, but I got this whole new outlook on life. I live day to day and i do what my heart is telling me to do at that moment and i don't worry about consequences or the aftermath of doing so, because I'm usually never wrong. It is when i don't trust my instincts, things fall apart. I only live in the present, i have no concerns about tomorrow until it arrives. Not to put a damper on any one's hopes and dreams but i wish some one would have told me the things i am going to attempt to explain in this blog entry. Do not go to college, unless your parents are rich or you have some serious hooked up scholarship, do not take out loans. You will drowned in these loans and you will spend so much time thinking about the fact that you owe this large sum of money, you will start doubting yourself in general. College means nothing, I'm sorry.

          Take it for what it really is, a way out of your parents house, a giant sexual orgy, a time for sexual experimentation & if you are lucky a lot of good drug trips. You can essentially lie on your resume forever about your qualifications, skills, education & references and no one ever calls you out on it. No one will ever ask you to please bring along your framed college degree to a job interview. It is way too much work to have to call a college and be on hold with whatever department handles such affairs just to see if a job applicant really attended that college. Fake it until you make it. I lied so hard on my resume that after two years time, i actually learned all the skills that i lied about. Deal with it when it comes, youtube is an amazing resource you can teach yourself anything. Don't under estimate using your friend's parents address as a "non profit" firm you interned for, who is to say it wasn't? Friendship can totally qualify as a non profit internship, i mean think about it. Go to City Hall and get yourself an LLC and a tax id number and claim that you are selling something bazaar like tie died scrunchies, or wallets made out of empty capri sun's, fill out a 1099 and stop paying tax's.

         No one is looking for the little fish, they are too busy finding the big fish and if you do get caught, own it. File for bankruptcy and move on, no jail time. You will never see a penny of that social security start saving for yourself and your family. People are living to long, our grandparents sucked us dry essentially, there is no money left. Know this and roll with it. Never Steal from small business's, family owned operations or people. Totally steal from Duane Reade, Target, Urban Outfitters and do it with poise and grace and no one will ever question you. If you buy a coffee at 711 take a hand full of every condiment, if you eat at a restaurant gank the toilet paper and if you need to go to a place that charges too much money for drinks, carry a flask and be your own mixologist in the bathroom, 15 dollars for a red bull and vodka is highway robbery and you don't deserve that. Get mad, rise up. If your landlord is a dick, don't pay rent. You can survive a very long time not paying rent, people are just afraid to do so. Everyone is just afraid of doing everything, so nothing is ever challenged, that's why when you do challenge things, it catches people off guard and because they never saw it coming, the odds are in your favor.

Here's a playlist, i got what you need.

1. Everything is Everything - Lauren Hill

2. You only live once - The Strokes

3. You Gotta be - Des'ree

4. Breathe - Telepopmusik

5. You get what you give - The Radicals

6. Whats up? - 4 Non Blondes

25 years of my life and still
Trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination.
I realized quickly when I knew I should
That the world was made for this
Brotherhood of man
For whatever that means

7. Kozmic Blues - Janis Joplin

"Dawn has come at last
Twenty-five years, honey just in one night, oh yeah.
Well, I'm twenty-five years older now
So I know we can't be right
And I'm no better baby
And I can't help you no more
Than I did when just a girl."

8. Who am i - The Diplomats

9. Kids - MGMT

10. Promises, Promises - Incubus

11. All my Friends - LCD Soundsystem

12. Atlantic City - Bruce Springstein

13. Under Pressure - David Bowie

14. Night Moves - Bob Seger

15. We got tonight - Bob seger

16. Only the lonely - The Motels

17. Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads

18. Download anything involving Tom Petty

19. I just wasn't made for these times - The beach boys / Pet Sounds in general, just download that whole album.

20. At my most beautiful - REM

21. Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins

22. Drunk by Myself - Nas (the lost mixtapes)

23. The Fear - Lilly Allen

24. Please, Please, Please let me get what i want - The Smiths

25. Stronger than me- Amy Winehouse

26. The Thrill - Wiz Khalifa / Empire of the Sun god's
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