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Rated: 13+ · Folder · Fantasy · #2063030
A folder to organize the chapters and stories as they will be written out of order.
Back stories and stories out of order:

Back stories of characters from Portugal:

331w "The smell of blood Anacleto and Françoise meet for the first time.
890w "High above the river Lucinda tells Rosinha and her brother a story in 1898.
97w "Kneel at my feet A fragment Isabelle of Aragon seizes her chance in 1494? or thereabouts.

Stories with João before Portugal:

593w "Johnny-by-moonlight Bond of João and his grandmother. He is 7.
575w "Some like it raw His grandmother encourages João to go to Portugal.
667w "Two Roses João visits Thoom for garlic pills.
93w "Rub some dirt into it A short excerpt from J's diary before he leaves.
125w "On wings of neutrons A fragment. João is packed.


94w "Poems: Os vampiros nã vivem em Évora Two poems:


169w "LAWS of the VAMPIRE 10 rules similar to jentaloven.

Order not known yet:

298w Redbook #9 Invisible... if you must. João receives some advice.

Os vampiros não vivem em Évora, PART 1:

518w "Home is a hostel João arrives in Lisboa.
358w "Fado A fragment. João goes out to hear fado for the first time.
466w "Os Brasileiros João and Iván at breakfast.
304w "Red carnations April 25th
217w "Living ruins - fragment Alfama fragment
300w Blood clots (Sintra) Redbook p.7 João and Xorxo.
1024w "Percebes - a fragment In Nazaré and Sítio. Needs work - a fragment
284w "Secrets of the bricks - a fragment A fragment. João is surrounded and overcome by the weight of history.
899w "A night out - a fragment A fragment. João finds out about fado.
215w O cortejo - a fragment (U.Coimbra) Redbook p.3
260w "Kiss me - a fragment João and Burçay kiss in the gardens.
239w "Picture Books of Portugal In São Bento. Os azulejos.
314w "Silver Silver altar in Porto
570w "Shiny things Going through J's backpack
355w "A billow of grandmothers J writes in a journal writes a postcard
184w Redbook p.1
201w Francesinha Redbook p.2
252w "Snail a place of pilgrimage
518w "In Santiago - a fragment Iván take João to the church
240w "A swarm of stars
445w "May murder João travels south.
349w "Naked at noon At the beach with Nguyen.
250w "Orion's Lantern At the beach with Nguyen at night.
527w "Nelson João arrives in Évora and meets Nelson.
602w "Without love there is no life Anacleto shares a story of why he came to Évora.
329w "The deconstruction of João An interview before the flight.

(Provisional name) É a lua, PART 2:
2803w "Part Two - need revision, pov, style Needs consistent p.o.v. and use of pronouns. A stream fleshing out pieces of the outline. Part 2 may become an 'interlude'.
289w Ripples on a distant shore (Kanazawa) Redbook p.6
115w "Pieces of me - a fragment Cutting up the credit card.

(Provisional name) A vida ten mais encanto, PART 3:

328w I'm dead (visit to Grandmother... beginning of part 3) Redbook p.5
570w "Vamp Camp Anselmo, Alicia and 5 other vamps discuss how to handle João.

345w "A messenger of joy João is back, writes a postcard to his grandmother
153w "A certain scent
191w "Thirst - a story fragment to be expanded A fragment. João climbs the hill in Tomar.
261w "Pink gladiolas A fragment. Lucinda shares a memory with João.
437w "One if by sea João and the Vampires: Alicia.
326w "Two if by land João and the Vampires: Anselmo.
341w "Weight of secrets - fragment Red#7 A fragment João and Alicia sit in the shade.
528w "Batty João and a young vamp talk about Batty before visiting him
521w "Edge of anarchy Petra and João and the need for rules.
161w "Under a swarm of stars - a fragment A fragment João and the vamps at 2 a.m.
395w Forever (MdlD) a gathering L,A,A... Redbook p.4
MdlD or Evora:
297w Doomed love (journal entry part 2 or 3?) Redbook p.8
202w "É a lua A fragment. João greets the moonlight. Could be at the end.
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    Back story showing bond between João and his grandmother and their mutual vampire-traits.
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