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NEW HORIZONS ACADEMY projects. I describe the courses taken and how great they are.
2018 Exploratory Workshop taught by Percy Longfellow (Bob). This course was invaluable to me. I learned about outlining and character development. I now have the tools to actually finish a 30 chapter novel, the central character does not drift or slip into the abyss, and it's FUN.

class lessons, winter 2017 character development

Lesson One: Spotlight on Character. -- posted on site, not in bitem format.
Lesson two: Creating Characters from scratch.
I did a fan fiction piece creating a short story introducing a new character into Star Trek Voyager. Fun course.

Class Lessons: winter 2016: Reeling in the readers

♥ Lesson One - "Lesson One - Developing Story Ideas"
♥ Lesson Two - "Lesson Two - Director's Points"
♥ Lesson Three - "Lesson Three - Casting Call"
♥ Lesson Four - "Lesson Four - Setting the Stage"
♥ Lesson Five - "Lesson Five - The Script"
♥ Lesson Six - "Lesson Six - Lights! Camera! ACTION!"
♥ Lesson Seven - "Lesson Seven - The "Pitch""
♥ Lesson Eight - "Lesson Eight - "It's a Wrap!""
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