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Rated: 13+ · Folder · Steampunk · #2098107
This will include all of my prep and all of my other work for NaNo 2016
Phineas Cavendish was once happy being an airship pilot (cab driver) for the state. But, as his son's health became worse, he knew he needed to do more. His friend, Albert Hornsby, introduces him to the man who would become his mentor and bring him into The Alliance, Charles Garthwaite.
Phin will commence work on an invention he can use to control the weather. He wishes to bring sunshine to Capercairn, and rain to grow things once again,like it used to be. He could use winds to blow away the stagnant, black air that hangs over the industrial city. Only the elders can remember the days of sun... or of any weather at all.
The State has built such an environment as to limit any light in the city. Growing crops or keeping animals healthy is impossible. All food comes from The State, and is rationed.
What started, for Phin, as tinkering to create toys and companions for his sick son, has become a burning desire to help all of the residents of The State. The problem comes in when he begins to realize not all in The Alliance are working toward the greater good. Many are heathens with their own agendas.
His work, and ultimately his invention, will make him not only an enemy of The State, but also the target of some in The Alliance who wish to use this power for nefarious ends.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/2098107-NaNo-2016