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Matthew's struggle to climb the ranks of a cult commune called The Serene Fellowship
A kid named Matthew finds himself trapped within a despotic commune whose that has a very structured hierachy and limited tollerance. Each member is ranked or graded by experince, age or acquired knowledge of the Fellowship. Promotion into a higher grade increases the member's authority over those of a lower rank.

Children born into the Commune or arrived at an early age are referred to as Scallerenes and graded in accordace of their age. Such grading starts at the age of six (Grade one Scallerene) and goes up to the age of 12 (Grade 7 Scallerene)

From Ages 13 onward the Scallerene becomes a Teen Serene and undergoes a series of colour grades which increase with the demonstation of acquired knowledge. A Red Teen Serene being the lowest up to Purple Teen Serene being the highest (similar to the skill ranking of a martial arts pupil).
After their training is complete they become Supreme Serenes and contribute to the day to day running of the commune.

If a Supreme Serene proves himself/herself worthy he/she can go on to become Supremos and from their join the council of Supremos and live in hope of oneday being elevated to the post of THE ENLIGHTENED ONE. This only really comes about when the previous ENLIGHTENED ONE passes away or abducates.

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