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Here is where I will keep notes that will aid me in building my writing skills.
Disclaimer: NOTHING in this folder has been written by ME, personally. Everything found in this folder has been located while I do research. It is notes I've more than likely cut/pasted to a static page and they are for my REFERENCES ONLY. When possible and when I've remembered, I've tried to add a tag to note where I found the information and who maybe wrote it. As with a lot of stuff found on the internet, that isn't always possible.

I have NO intention of reproducing the information found in this folder. I have collected it purely for MY information and use in developing my OWN writing skills. However, I am keeping the information set on public, because some of the information might be helpful to YOU as well. I trust you will use the information found in this folder for your OWN personal use as reference materials and will not do anything unethical or dishonorable with the information.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/2237855-Tools-of-the-Trade-Folder