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The third part of my epic fantasy trilogy 'The Brownies of Velmoran'
Aira the brownie servant girl learned long ago that she was destined to slay the kraken that had seized the brownies' ancestral homeland. Yet, captured by the kraken Krysila, her hopes of travelling with her friends to the coastal brownie kingdom of Velmoran seem slim.
Despite separating Aira from her imprisoned companions and forcing her to work as a servant, Krysila can't quench Aira's determination to free her fellow brownies. Drawing on all her courage, cunning and the unexpected help of Krysila's daughter, Aira helps her friends flee. Pursued by Krysila and her followers, the brownies think they are doomed when unexpected help arrives from a group of dragons. They take refuge with the dragons but Krysila floods the dragons' homeland and attacks the brownies in her kraken form. Fleeing the kraken in a tense chase on a shipwrecked galleon, the brownies reach the shore of their coastal kingdom.
Their dreams are shattered as they find that Velmoran is a mere shadow of the happy homeland they once knew, desecrated by the kraken and guarded by hoards of hideous monsters. Although the odds are stacked against them, the brownies know that if they do not fight to regain Velmoran they lose their only chance to break free from the misery of being cursed to serve others to survive.
Denying a prophecy that might get Aira killed, Boroden, Aira's beloved friend, thinks that as king of the brownies he must be the one to fight the kraken. As he rides into battle, Aira realises she must disobey him in order to fulfil the prophecy. Will she reach Krysila in time to slay her and save her friends? Or is there another way to win back the brownies' coastal kingdom?
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    Aira, a brownie servant girl, rallies against an evil kraken's attempt to break her spirit
    Rated: 18+ · Fantasy · #2239515
    Boroden and his fellow brownies are imprisoned by an evil kraken
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