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Expressing my emotions through pen and paper.
I gaze into a clear, black sky.

questioning myself and asking, why?

Why will it take so long for you to see?

the nature of the person who lives inside of me?

I’m everything you feared I’m not.

What extent of proof do you want?

I’m everything you hoped to find.

Yet, here I sit asking, why.

I am the life you always sought.

Your dreams become reality surreal;

that you’ll finally feel all you thought

You would never feel.

Yet, safety in another, you wallow.

You want the comfort.

She wants your status.

I want to be your smile,

your song, your hurt and laughter.

Why must it take so long to see?

That what you really want is me.

In this triage of brokenness,

the bigger fool is you?

Is me?

Maybe it is her for holding on

to a love that has long gone?

A star struck fool is me for certain.

Power hungry and holding on;

she plays you.

She plays with me.

You are too blind to see.

The why matters to me no more.

I have no regrets

nor remorse;

I won’t look back.

When I close the door.
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