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Enjoy my butterfly garden.
This is about my butterfly garden. The size is 60' x 70' and its location is my front yard. I love being in this garden. I have over 50 butterfly bushes, which is a bush the butterflies need to feed on. It's a great place to clear you mind. The garden is three years old this summer and just this week I had a butterfly land on my hand. It was awesome.

It can be over 100 degrees and the butterflies just love it. They float so gracefully over the flowers.

When I started this garden I thought I would put in a few bushes and watch the butterflies. Well, I soon learned that you also need not only plants for the adults to get their nectar from but the caterpillars need plant food. If anyone would say, "Oh the butterflies love this plant!" I bought it. My garden is full of everything butterflies and caterpillars need to live and be very happy.

You can also help butterflies by providing some rocks in your garden that get sun early in the day. The rocks absorb heat from the sun, and the butterflies can land on them to warm up. They usually do not come out until it is 60 degrees.

One other good point-never use pesticides when trying to attract butterflies.

They will also need some type of moisture. I have a bird bath filled with sand that I make sure is always damp. I also have small shallow low to the ground concrete bowls filled with water for everyone to drink from not just butterflies.

I use mushroom mulch throughout the garden. This mulch seems to work best for my plants.

I enjoy being in this garden so much. After a long day, it's so relaxing to just go and sit in this garden.

The hummingbirds always give you a great show, too.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my butterfly garden.

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