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by Shaara
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A poem is the entryway into a person's soul. Come visit and get acquainted.

The Poetry Horse

This folder is a collection of my poetry.
Whenever life becomes too complex
or my feelings become trampled,
I run to pour out my grief, joy, and ponderings
to my best friend, my computer.

To enter within this portfolio is to be assaulted by
my life's experiences and emotions.
Some of these sentiments we may share;
others may be quite different than yours.

Either way, welcome,
and kindly share your thoughts and feelings.

*Note1* Please,
help me on my road to becoming
a better writer
by giving honest
appraisals and critiques.


         Poetry is the way I wail and rant with words.
         It is the bird that lifts me up with wings,
         The song that sings, that embraces me.
         It sets me free to laugh and discover joy.

         Poetry is the maple leaf that paints relief
         Across my burdened tree. It starts my chili
         In the kitchen pot, the cocoa in the icy tot of me,
         Then, discharges stress and recharges up my mind.

         Poetry is the life force, the writer’s discourse
         Of every woe and every good that time bestows.
         It is my salvation, my creation, my dispensation
         For living in times when a rhyme is all that soothes.

This cat has just caught his feather. Water color.


give me a hint
what you're thinking
when you read
one of my poems. *Laugh*



         This is me.

To get over the shock of seeing the real me,

I have a special treat for you.

I am sharing my favorite place to visit in all the world:

My favorite POEM is at the following site.

Check it out -- for the whole five minutes or less.

I guarantee it will change your viewpoint of poetry.

This poem I call Movement a la Horseback!


P.S. Watch it through to the ending for a spectacle

you may never equal again.


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