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by Shaara
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Humor often does more than make us laugh. At times it forces us to open our eyes.

A teen in his hammock finds out that spring means rain!

Welcome to the abode of laughter.
Pull up a chair and settle those lines across your brow
into curlicues of wrinkles -- the kind formed from jovility.

*Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh**Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh*


                                       Inside Out

                   Humor is the source of wisdom

                   that allows us the opportunity

                   to peek inside ourselves,

                   to take a still-life photo,

                   of what others always see.

                   Sometimes it's a study

                   of our culture's traditions,

                   and the way we become

                   permanently trapped into believing

                   that there are no other alternatives.

                   But we are fragments of what we wear,

                   and wrapped within our skins,

                   like lizard dwellings,

                   lie our conversations of normality.

                   Let us stretch and pull the coverings aside.

                   Let us salute the unique and strange.

                   Let us free our secrets

                   and turn ourselves inside out.

                   Then, we can put philosophy aside,

                   and tell it like it really is:

                   humor is sometimes,

                   and most often times,

                   simply, just for fun!

*Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh**Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh*

A poem about an alien who comes in and steals socks.


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