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From the strange and fantastical to me and my reality. Come in, be brave, see my worlds.

Hey  my  sig! ME!!!

Hello and welcome, come in, sit down,
Make yourself comfortable before you look around.
What you will read
may leave you scared or perturbed,
it's my aim in life to leave my readers disturbed.

Walk my Path of Pathos where love dared to grow
only to be distilled into tales of woe.
Or come sit by fire where stories circle still,
Where destinies are made and slowly fulfilled.
Or pay a visit to Kai whose fate it is to die,
And whose lonely quest is to find out why.
My writing is dark, the love child of hell,
but there are corners in which smiles do dwell,
A mine of diamonds can be found wherever you roam,
And so long as you're smart you'll find that out on your own.

Let me know your thoughts,
Tell me what you think:
Help my writing to swim so my fervour doesnt sink.{size}

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