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Pieces of writing about places I've been, or would like to go

I have "the grass is always greener" syndrome; I've spent much of my life conjuring up picturesque images of sunny climes in far-away places, imagining experiencing strange customs and idyllic vistas, eating exotic food and meeting friendly natives...

As yet my travels remain, to a certain extent, a dream. I have visited island resorts on the Med, infested by camera-wielding tourists: Ibiza, Malta, Menorca. I've been to Venice and completed a week's (terrifying) work experience in Brittany, France. And my great-aunt lives in Wales. *Pthb*

But the greatest adventure is, at the moment, yet to come: in April I go to Japan for an entire four months. I expect I'll have lots to write about, experiences funny, revelatory and purely farcical - in contrast England just seems so dull.

Please enjoy my humble offerings. *Smile*

NB Currently going through the scrapbook diary I kept for 3 out of the 4 months I was away in Osaka; when I've done that, then I can begin typing it up. And you can all read it, and see what crazy adventures and escapades I got up to (there were plenty, I can tell you!)
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    An intrepid band of adventurers (my family) set off in the heat to their Venetian palace..
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    A short account of one of my boyfriend's many random experiences while in Ecuador.
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