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Galactic Journey

Into the star fill night,
I let my mind take flight,
To stars familiar to human eyes,
Around which the orbits of planets lie.

I sped through dust filled nebula clouds,
To stars hidden in their gaseous shrouds,
On planets undreamed of by mankind,
I saw wonders built by intelligent minds.

Outward from the Milky Way's central stars,
I followed the traces of dead empires,
I walked through ancient dust filled ruins,
Marveling at their mysterious runes.

On planets ruled by natural strife,
I watched the birth of sentient life,
And then watched the rise of another race,
As it reached for interstellar space.

I saw the spread of new empires,
Encompassing the worlds of many stars,
And then watched a species leave the galaxy,
Reaching toward infinity.

In thei galxy are many stars,
Many planets are warmed by their fires,
Each planet has its own forms of life,
a part of the Universe's spectrum of life.

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