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Articles about the writing process: from concept, to composing, to editing and publication
Since I've retired from teaching classroom English I've devoted full time to writing, and I'm getting better at developing my craft. There are lots of things to learn about getting a book, magazine article, or short story published. As of late May 2007, I've published one original e-book, and you can view it at:

What you read at that site won't be identified to my name. I sold the copyright to the articles I wrote to my paying employer. My version is not on his sight with my name, by copyright agreement and mutual consent. His exact version isn't on my site, so I can share some fashion and beauty tips in these articles with you. Most articles here are about writing--the process, the problems, and how I try to get to the final period on the final page.

Included in this folder are good things and bad things about being immersed in writing, some short cuts I've discovered, and habits to I hope to make and break. Also discover my bad experiences with outside poetry contests and vanity publishing companies. Lessons learned the hard and expensive way/.

Comments and critiques always welcome.
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    All Ultimate Writing Workshop cyberpapers~
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    How I review writings of people at Writing.com. Also reviews I've written.
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    I'd be happy to help you with the aid of this affiliate program.
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    Using keywords when you write will enable search engines to find your writing.
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    Writing communities I've found on the Internet
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    An explanation about my own journaling and sharing.
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    Articles and opinions about the state of the current evolution of the English language.
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    Contests outside the Writing.com community which offer literary prestige and money.
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    I'm offering a free writing workshop this summer. Want to participate?
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    How I review; my reviews on entertainment, music, theatre, and products.
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    I registered as reporter PatRice and discovered journalism is a specific style of writing.
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    Have an idea for a novel, but can't figure out where or how to start? Me too. . .
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    my collection of blogs
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    If you can't think of the word you want to use. . .
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    Articles about contests, this writing community , and other writing sites.
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    Academic writing bestows experience, self-confidence, and just a little money . . . .
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    Five years ago today I became a member of Writing.com, and it all keeps getting better.
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    SUMMER 2017 Workshop: this one cover regular and unusual rules, and words in book titles.
    Rated: 13+ · Educational · #2124362
    Improving your vocabulary; using a dictionary, thesaurus, and online options for words.
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    When I run across a word I don't know, I try to catch it for a visit to M-W.com
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    Organizing your personal essay makes logic pop.
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    How do you name your fictional characters. Here's my thoughts....
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    Passing along to other writers. We all need to feed the muse who fuels our creativity.
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    I read it on the page in front of me, but what does it mean?
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    Wanted to share a long explanation of how a new person can start their portfolio.
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    The Brainstormers are a new group at Writing.com.
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    About cats and dogs and my role as CatDog Mama.
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    How does a writer know when his chapter is finished?
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