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This is a thrilling read in more ways than one. It's a dramatic and suspenseful paranormal story involving werewolves living incognito among humans, and a special unit of the FBI dedicated to dealing with criminal affairs involving werewolves and humans. This is the first book of a series.

The plot of The Wolf at the Door revolves around the inquiry into a possible serial killer by two agents -- one from the FBI special unit and an agent (wolf) from a more mysterious (to humans, anyway) unit led by the wolf-organization responsible for the "outing" of the wolves to the FBI for the safety of both parties. As they learn to trust each other through the course of the investigation, they figure out that they share a sexual attraction for each other and eventually take their relationship to the next level. This complicates the investigation but in the end also helps improve relations between the two organizations.
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The human agent, Cooper Dayton, tends to get clutzy and puts his foot in his mouth frequently when he's in the presence of his new wolf partner, Park. This makes him relatable, but he's also very capable, most of the time. The wolf agent, Park, has a much better handle on controlling his emotions. Together, they are funny, with a lot of great dialogue.

The characters in the story were surprisingly well-developed. We get a good idea of Dayton's past, including a good look at his mentor/partner before he gets this assignment. While Park shares the basics of his life, he doesn't share much else, which seemed as it should be.

The sexual/romantic relationship aside (and there are a few well-written graphic m/m sex scenes), the investigation of the murders takes on a few twists when their main suspects begin disappearing. The motive behind the murders had a twist but wasn't much of a surprise to me, and I picked out the killer pretty much as soon as the full cast of characters was introduced. Still, I enjoyed reading the book and actually read it in a single day, staying up until 1:30am just to finish it.
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