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Summary of this Book...
I have to confess, I’ve never read any Stephen asking before. I’m not sure how that’s happened. I’ve seen a few of the films made from his books, though. Consequently, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought this would be more horror-packed from the start. For the first part of this book, it is more murder-mystery in genre. Which I liked. But, there were moments I felt it dragged a little.

Once the scene at the courthouse happens, the book really takes off. From here on in, I was hooked and hanging on King’s every word. I loved the different characters, Lovie being one of my favourites. She is truly fab. Mostly, though, I love Ralph and Holly’s relationship. The way it grows from them being people of completely different beliefs, to them having mutual respect, admiration and affection, is just lovely to read.

The scene at the Marysville Hole is filled with suspense and tension. It is action-packed and exciting. I really enjoyed this part.

Overall, a really enjoyable and exciting book, after a slightly slow start. I will definitely be returning to Mr Kingin the future.
This type of Book is good for...
Fans of fast-paced, who dunnit style mysteries with supernatural twist. It’s not full-on horror, it’s more gentle than that. For me, it was perfect.
I especially liked...
The mixed bag of characters. Ralph and Holly are just great. I loved the edge-of-the-seat element, too. There were times I truly held my breath.
I didn't like...
The beginning. It took me a while to get into. Similarly, the ending at the mine. It see,Ed to be a lot of Ralph and Holly searching for the Outsider. It dragged a bit.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
Read another Stephen King.
This Book made me feel...
The author of this Book...
Stephen King. What more can I say?
I recommend this Book because...
It’s exciting, well written, and very imaginative.
I don't recommend this Book because...
This isn’t necessarily for die-had fans of horror.
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