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My thoughts released; a mind set free
These pages contain my thoughts, from meandering ideas and persuasions to deep cerebrations and serious mentations.

Why, for what purpose? To release my mind and set creativity free. Somewhere inside the constraints of my mind dwells a writer, a poet, an artist who paints with words. In here I release those constraints and set the artist free.

Perhaps, lost somewhere in the depths of thought, is a story or a poem, waiting to be written.

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February 6, 2023 at 4:51pm
February 6, 2023 at 4:51pm
We are six days into February now and still waiting on the dingbat to get moved out. I know, one should never resort to name-calling. I'm not! She is a friend of our landlord and he avows she is indeed a dingbat, from the bat family Ding-a-lingoptera.

Like Charlie Brown in discussion with Lucy, I tend to get a headache and an upset stomach when I converse with the woman, so my wife, sweet and patient as she is, went over to find out how much longer she would take in moving out. She returned with a headache and an upset stomach but no precise or even guessed date.

She had informed the landlord that she would be out by the first of February. He informed us that we should be getting a new neighbor shortly after since he just purchased the property from his Dad and is taking things over. Since we are a bit cramped for space with just half the house, I asked if we could rent the entire house and connect the two apartments. He agreed, knowing we have been good renters and since it was originally a single-unit home would take very little to open them up again.

So, now we wait, he waits and she contemplates what items to take now and which to take later. I'm serious, she has actually carried out boxes, then carried them back in because she wanted to take something else first. She also has items in her side of the garage, which is now technically ours. Items she moved from her apartment into the garage because she was locked out of her Rush Lake Storage Unit.

Being a member of the Ding-a-lingoptera order of batty, she was not locked out, she was at the wrong storage unit. Her's is St. Lorance Storage on the other side of the road. Seems she got confused and made a wrong turn, despite the fact that she had her unit about half full; yes she had taken multiple loads over a few days before.

Like I said, it's not name-calling, she's a dingbat.

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