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My thoughts released; a mind set free
These pages contain my thoughts, from meandering ideas and persuasions to deep cerebrations and serious mentations.

Why, for what purpose? To release my mind and set creativity free. Somewhere inside the constraints of my mind dwells a writer, a poet, an artist who paints with words. In here I release those constraints and set the artist free.

Perhaps, lost somewhere in the depths of thought, is a story or a poem, waiting to be written.

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March 29, 2023 at 4:15pm
March 29, 2023 at 4:15pm
It's almost the end of March and the lion still roars! What happened to in like a lion and out like a lamb? The entire month has been a lion and as I look at the next ten-day forecast, I wonder, "Did the damn beast eat the lamb?"

This morning, it was minus ten degrees Fahrenheit with a minus 18 wind-chill factor and we will be doing well to break twenty degrees. Tomorrow it will reach thawing temps, barely, with freezing rain. Friday more snow is forecast and once again barely in the twenties. In fact, it's the same for the next ten days!

Other than crappy weather, things have been progressing pretty well. The sore on my leg has finally started healing and the fracture seems to be mending. Bellah has started using the puppy pads once again, and as much as the weather permits loves to be outside. I've been working with potty training her to go outside and she does well as long as she can get through the snow and doesn't freeze her little feet. (She weighs a whopping ten and a half pounds now)

Max is doing well, even though his training kind of got put on hold as he adjusts to having a little puppy around. (He weighs just over fifty pounds now but is still a puppy and loves to play but can get a bit rough with Bellah, so his training has been switched to playing nice with her,)

We have everything moved and set up but are still organizing things a bit. I even have my office set up and usable and have actually used it a few times. In fact I was in my office when I started bliting (blog-writing), but had to move out to the dining room because Bellah was crying. (She was sleeping when I retired to my office and woke to find herself alone.)

That's been another issue; she was supposed to be seven weeks old when we got her, but as it turned out, she was three days shy of six weeks. Much too young to be removed from her mother and other puppies. As it turned out, this may have been a good thing for her since they had homes for all the other puppies and they left the next day. They had also removed all the puppies from mom so she would put weight back on, so she would have been isolated and alone had we not taken her.

There's still a lot going on and time is still an issue but things are improving and I'm hopeful that I will not only continue to spend a little time here but will also start having more time to spend. I'm also hopeful that the weather will improve one of these days and spring will arrive so I can start working more with Max outside on a leash. Being a Husky, he doesn't mind the snow and cold, but my coat isn't as warm as his.

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