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Changing the style of my blog.
The ever changing political landscape arena we find ourselves in today.

Dragon blue in busy city

October 23, 2021 at 3:44am
October 23, 2021 at 3:44am
Entering our colleges, Marxist Ideology is taught
Victims; the oppressed they say, actually just little snots
Expecting everything for free, 'cause they are entitled
Reasoning beyond the woke, free speech is tightly bridled
Yet they are pushing their Marxist Critical Race Theory
Take it to the basic level, to school the elementary.
Having no respect for their elders, nor any for our history
Instigating riots, looting, and lawlessness in major cities
Going through the motions of congressional committees

While others get the book, the woke are not convicted
Objections to their talk and actions are restricted
Knocking down our statues, defunding the police
Ensuring that a criminal's freedoms are increased

Group think with no individual space is allowed
Overreach to double speak is the now 'woke' crowd
Extortion they represent; a legend in their own minds
Segregation of the people; no principles do you find

Totalitarian and dictatorships is what they prefer
Over liberty and freedom, all equity is mediocre

s*** is what they are, not just what they do
Hellbent on destroying America, without a clue
Intentional insurgence they parade with pride
To our lethal enemies; weakness they provide.
October 10, 2021 at 7:37am
October 10, 2021 at 7:37am
Mark Levin, Constitution Lawyer and Podcast host had a copy of a letter sent to him, that was written to the Inspector General DOJ, Michael Horwitz, from Reid D. Rubenstein, Senior Councilor of Law at the American First Legal Association with the following information:

Back in early September, the Biden Administration stakeholders, Whitehouse staff, National School Board Association, DOJ, Dept of Civil Rights Division, Dept of Domestic Policy, met in the white house with the National Teachers Union to discuss the mobilization of parents across the nation that are protesting against Critical Race Theory and the effect it will have on the upcoming 2022 election. They were discussing ways to take federal action to intimidate, chill, and silence parents in violation of their first amendment rights to protest against the elected officials of the School Boards, for the curriculum of Critical Race Theory, and for the wearing of masks by children for a virus that does not affect them. They have also been protesting mandates for the vaccine for themselves and their children, because if you can treat the virus, why the hell would you get a vaccination for said virus?

The Supreme Court has long upheld the constitutional right of parents to be in charge of what their children are taught in the school systems.

A couple of the unnamed officials at this meeting brought up that;
1. The federal government had no authority in school boards, as it is directly run by the state, not the federal government.
2. Their right to protest was constitutionally protected and should not be violated.

A senior official of the white house staff said it was a priority of the white house, and there would be a text created to control these parents.

Now on Sept. 29th, the National School Board Association sent the already written letter to Joe Biden, claiming that they needed help due to these parents getting loud in a pattern of violence and should be considered 'domestic terrorists'.

On October 4th, the AG made public the memorandum about giving them a dedicated hotline to call if and when the school board meetings got out of hand. The FBI would then interview and surveil the parents who allegedly were committing violence or issuing threats against the local school boards.

This is with no evidence to back up what the School Boards were accusing these parents of doing, and the school board could not even produce one circumstance where there was violence.

So this letter was created by the Biden officials and The National Teacher's Union, fraudulently making it look like it was coming from the outside source of the National School Board Association, and much too quickly was processed by the DOJ, on the 4th of October. It is purposely created to intimidate and strike fear in the hearts of American parents who don't want their children taught to be racists and to hate their country. Created to silence them and deny them their first amendment rights to protest and of speech to be heard.

This is a very large scandal in Washington D.C. I personally think they need to be identified, indicted and incarcerated for violating these parents civil rights in an area that the federal government has NO AUTHORITY whatsoever. They cannot use the Patriot Act to arrest these law abiding citizens as it was created for foreign actors against the United States. And what they are doing is just downright illegal as hell.

Here comes the Tyrant and the Tyranny of the American Marxists that call themselves Democrats. We need a divorce from the American Marxists that call themselves Democrats.

There you have it, there it is, and so it goes...

p.s. Merrit Garland, AG, his daughter married in June a man that is founder of Panarama that supplies the Critical Race Theory text books for 25% of the nations school districts. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, but seen as how this CRT is one of the main issues, Mr. Garland has no business prosecuting anyone protesting it, as it is a messy conflict of interest.

October 9, 2021 at 5:48pm
October 9, 2021 at 5:48pm
So now, Biden in his infinite wisdom is sending the FBI after parents who are protesting school board meetings about masks and Critical Race Theory. He is calling them domestic terrorists. This is not going to end well for him.

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