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Psalm 90:10, "The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty if we are strong....
Three Score and Ten the Introduction,

Well here we go, After 50 years I am going to take another attempt at writing. The first time was the Palmer writers correspondence school in 1969. The writing will be not a book that will be written with the idea of being published, But will be a writing of thoughts unencumbered by possible publishing and monetary gain. This writing will be a hybrid of Journal and Reminisce. It is important to me that the writings are my true thoughts at the time, not influenced by any factor. The writing will try to explain how a 70 year old white, male USA citizen now relates to today's world. Is every oldest generation lost in their own world, that they aged into? What do I see, and feel as I age farther. I know I am not normal as in what this world today would consider normal. But I hope I am in the ball park writing the thoughts of a 70 year old. I hope for you to learn to know who I am, As I search for Who I am at 70+ This work will carry on until I am no longer able to think or write. This will be done on a nearly daily writing interwoven with a life's reminiscing. This writing has been in the planning for 10 plus years. and I have now made it to this starting point. This writing is dedicated to My Wife The Kitten, My family, My grand children, Lukas, Levi, Luis, Lydia and Sonora Pearl. I thank you God that you have allowed me to have your Three Score and Ten Time.
January 20, 2023 at 8:08pm
January 20, 2023 at 8:08pm
Score and Now Twelve + Day 156. 1-20-23
Hello Grands and All Others

I have made it through a good part of winter, I think I can see some light called spring. It is yet a little way off, but Ground Hogs Day is soon to be had. I look for it each year. It is the beginning of the end for Old Man winter, Not the end but a beginning. This is turning out to be a hard winter for me. I still am not seeing well so I Can't drive so I can't go Ice Fishing. I am tiring easily. At the least so far it has been mostly a mild winter, knock on wood, It is not spring yet. I don't mind winter at this stage of life, it is just the snow and cold I can live without.
It sounds like my brother Michael has come through his surgery well. There was a lot of praying for him. I did talk to him afterward and he sounds good. I will call him again soon. He is recovering so I do not want to bother him much.

Now Grands, Sons and daughters, Where is the fire, Why the rush you will get there. Where is every younger person trying to get to so fast. Is life today the same as the military's "Hurry Up and Wait". Are you rushing to oblivion or paradise. I suspect it is programed into the young by parents and adults. When you are 8 we talk about being 10 and all that it will be. When they are 10 it is a strong desire to be a teenager and what excitement that will bring to your life. And if you are a boy, Yes, I said Boy, as I was. It is now the hurry up for age 16 and 18 and the coveted driver's license and shaving. You get the driver's license at 17 and a razor. Then it is the final push for 21 and its perceived adulthood and could be college. And what comes with it, Voting, Drink Beer, Parties, and of course Girls. Then it is the long trek to 25 and if you are still alive it is A career, Maybe a wife and family, and having a nice car, thinking about a home and moving into real adulthood.
The thing to remember with this scenario is there comes a time to slow down and smell the roses as they say, Give Thanks and Appreciate what you have and where you are. Go home and spend time with your parents. They would love to see you and share some time with you. Your time is the most valuable thing you can give them, So, do it. The days get short, the years grow short, and you will be then going slow if you want to or not. Yes, life is a rush and at 16 it all ends faster than you can imagine. Nothing really has changed, Just the year. Go see Mom and Dad, and Grandma and grandpa while you still have time.

Sleep well all, Have a Blessed Evening

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