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Guided by prompts from WDC blogging challenges... and of course, life
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This is a collection of writings prompted by WDC blogging challenges from "Journalistic Intentions, "Blogging Circle of Friends , "30-Day Blogging Challenge and, well, life.
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November 14, 2021 at 11:49am
November 14, 2021 at 11:49am
14 November, 2021

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Prompt: A Mystery Genre prompt tonight. You are researching your genealogy and find that ancestors from different generations and different countries made visits to the same remote place. Tell us about this remote place. Why were your ancestors going there?

         I was reading again over MeMaw's notes. She had continued Grandmother Bragg's legacy of writing down all of the oral stories told through the generations of our family, along with her own stories. Grandmother Bragg's journal was next since it went farther back in time. So far, I had read stories dating all the way back to the early 1800's and there seemed to be a recurrent theme which niggled at the back of my mind. If only I could put my finger on it! And then it hit me. Right there on the page in front of me I saw what had been troubling my mind so much. Why on earth would everyone want to go visit Turner Falls in Oklahoma? And why did that place sound so familiar to me? So I called up my mom to ask her; after all, this was her side of the family.

After she had answered the phone and the usual niceties, I ask, "Momma, what do you know about Turner Falls? Why does it sound so familiar to me?"

Momma replied, "You don't remember? Your Dad and I took you and your brother there quite often while you were little. There are even pictures of us out there that are floating around somewhere around here."

         And I did begin to remember. I was there in the Fall. It was chilly so I had to wear a jacket and the leaves of all the trees in that part of the mountains were bursting with color. I remember the roar of the waterfall and how the pool around that set of falls reflected the mountains and clouds off its surface. I vaguely remember visiting a castle nestled amongst the trees atop one of the smaller hills as well. Most of all, I remember a feeling of rightness about the place. Momma didn't ask why I wanted to know about Turner Falls, so I didn't tell her. She never really showed any interest in her family's history. Maybe she got that from Grandma. My mom's mother always seemed angry when asked about her childhood. It was my great-grandmother, my MeMaw, who chronicled the stories told to her by her mother, which in turn were passed down to her by her mother.

         But even though my Mom and Grandma wouldn't tell the stories, they went to Turner Falls. They all did, even before it was named Turner Falls in the late 1870's after the man who "discovered" the falls when he and his wife set up home on Honey Creek quite near the beautiful waterfall. The stories tell of the falls long before Oklahoma became a state. It isn't clear as to why everyone had gone there, just that they had. Perhaps the falls felt sacred to my ancestors. They even drew my great-grandfather there after he arrived stateside from Germany, before he had set up home or found as his bride a beautiful Cherokee woman. What is it about this waterfall and my family? This was a mystery I surely had to solve.

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November 14, 2021 at 10:17am
November 14, 2021 at 10:17am

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Prompt: A Science-Fiction type prompt tonight. In your world, all citizens are temporarily neutered at birth. When you want to become a parent, you must prove to the government that you’ll be suitable caretakers and providers before you are allowed to procreate. How do you 'prove to the government' that you'll be a good caretaker/parent.

In this world, so much would be different from what it is now. But the thing is, there will always be those who rebel against society's norm. There would be that factor of people who, for various reasons, were not sterilized at birth. Could have been because their forbearers chose not to follow the government blindly and instead stole away to some unknown place to live a life free of Government influence and as such, the offspring of this community would not be sterilized at birth. That's most likely where I would have grown up and where I would fall in love and plan on having my own children.

However, if I had grown up with total Government influence, it means I would have also been brainwashed by said government. In which case, I would not be a breeder and instead be one who hunts down unlicensed breeders to imprison them so they can eventually be indoctrinated into "The Only Way" - or kill them if they gave me too much of a problem. The offspring of those people would be taken to the city, sterilized, and placed into camps where they could be taught by any means necessary what is expected of them by the Government and eventually assigned their roles in society.

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