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Random things to be aware of.
Random things to be aware of.

Welcome to my blog! Here, you'll find some random poems and contest entries. I hope you enjoy reading this!

Formerly used for Team Lakshya *Target2*
September 9, 2021 at 2:02pm
September 9, 2021 at 2:02pm

Happiness from birthdays,
bliss and joy of celebration,
give us beautiful memories,
remembrance and recreation.

We get to learn new things,
new experiences and new rides.
We become a year older
crossing all ebbs and tides.

Cakes, candles and balloons
Friends gather to party.
Long drives, new clothes and food
All so loving and so hearty.

Surprises and b'day greetings
Cards and gifts filling room.
Everyone calling and wishing to us
through chats and video calls on zoom.

Such a marvelous day of year
which everyone wants to be longer,
but it fades out too soon leaving
blissful moments much stronger.

Nothing is bad about this day
except for the great weariness
from enjoying and partying 'round
which is again overpowered by happiness.

Line Count: 24
Word Count: 124
September 9, 2021 at 12:49pm
September 9, 2021 at 12:49pm
Prompt: Best and Worst Thing about Birthday

"Do you want the pink one?" asked the shopkeeper.

"No. I want that blue shirt. And the yellow shirt" Sunny told the seller with enthusiasm then he looked away in his mama's eyes with all the childhood innocence, "Mama can I have both of them please."

"Of course dear son, it's your 7th birthday!" Mita responded while caressing his head as a sign of love.

"Son, would you like to have any toy or game this year?"

"No" he lowered his head and replied cheerlessly.

"Okay. Then tell me what present do you want this year."

"I want..." and he stopped himself from uttering those words as he knew that it cannot happen.

Mita organized a huge party in the evening. The room was decorated with multicolor balloons and had lights galore. A double-decker 2kg chocolate cake was ordered from the best bakery in the city. She had invited Sunny's three best friends also.

"Mom" Sunny came gasping and hands on his knees, "can you look for the party horns please."

"There you go Sunny" she handled him the horns and looked at him with leisure. "You look handsome Son".

"Thank you mama." he smiled and ran back to his friends.

Then, Mita went to a secluded place and dialed a number.
"When will you come? The party has already begun."

"Yes yes. I am on my way. I will reach in nearly 5 minutes..." suddenly the lights went off and the call got disconnected.

"Aunty! Aunty! See Sunny has fainted" children were shouting and coming to inform her.

She went to check what has happened and saw Sunny lying on the ground. "He had accidentally touched the live wire and became motionless, aunty."
Mita was so confused that she started crying. She immediately burst into tears because she didn't know what to do.

Then a man entered the room wearing the military uniform with lots of medals.
"Why are you crying, Mita?"
"See what has happened. Our son has fainted due to electrical shock", she told while constantly shedding tears. "God knows why this has happened. It was all my mistake" and she started slapping her face.
"Stop Mita!.."

"Stop mama." Sunny stood straight while laughing hard. "It was just a prank to make you afraid and see how much you love me."

Then he ran and hugged his father. "Oh father. I am so happy to have to come here. You are my best birthday present. I know you have lots of responsibilities on the border while protecting us people. I didn't expect you to come. I am so HAPPY" and he hugged his father tightly getting himself fully in his arms.

"I am sorry mama. I didn't know that you love me so much and you'll be this afraid. I will never make you cry again" Sunny apologized to his mother and held his ears with face down.

"That's like my good boy!" and he smiled at his innocent gesture.

"Let us now celebrate! Happy Birthday Sunny."

Word Count:500
September 6, 2021 at 11:08am
September 6, 2021 at 11:08am
Prompt: Ideal Birthday Party

I live in a joint family with my maternal grandparents. Including my parents, my elder sister, my elder brother and myself, there are total 7 people in one house. We live a normal happy life. It's fun to celebrate festivals or events with family. I never feel alone.

I like birthdays. Especially, being the youngest child in my house, I have been pampered a lot. Every single person would give their best to make me feel happy on my special day. Currently, I am 16 years old. I wanted my 'sweet sixteen' birthday to be planned really well. It was all because of my mother that this birthday became my best birthday ever. Though, it was a pandemical birthday and we were unable to invite much kith and kin, my family made it possibly the best birthday.

I have never in my life celebrated a birthday without my family and only with friends. I am excited for my 21st birthday.

Why 21st? Because then I'll feel like a full full-grown. Maybe, it seems too childish but I can't help. Really can't help.

Many might think that I want my birthday to be celebrated in a hotel, wearing a pretty long gown with my cool friends but this isn't my ideal birthday.

I have an imagination in my mind and it says that I want my 21st birthday to be celebrated again with my family. So, my plan is to be wished 'happy birthday' exactly at midnight by my friends and relatives. It can be a video call or a normal voice call.

Then, I will wake up early in the morning, have a bath and will visit sacred places, most probably 'Hanuman Mandir'. After that, I will go to shopping and buy myself and my parents, a present from my own salary. Then I will go to a nice restaurant with only my mother or maybe my sister too.

I will eat very fast in order to do many more things in a day. Further, I will travel to exciting places or play games. At night, I wish my parents may surprise me with a barbecue or a dinner party where all my friends would be invited. Many games to play and gifts to be won. I will also watch a movie with them and will play the piano to let everyone be amazed by me. I want many photographs to be clicked and memories to be made.

At the end of the day, I will again pray to God and ask Him to shower his blessings upon me and make my consecutive year better than the previous. I will thank him for everyone He has given to me including this life on Earth.


Word Count: 490 words
September 3, 2021 at 8:38am
September 3, 2021 at 8:38am
A Forgotten Birthday

The day was 29th February 2004 when Sara was born. But she never regretted being a leap year baby, instead, she enjoyed the fact. Her parents celebrated her birthday on 14th March every non-leap year so she could celebrate together with Albert Einstein.

"Wake up Sara. It's already 10 o'clock" her mother shouted, snatching away the blanket from Sara.

"Five minutes mom..." a feeble sleepy sound came from under the pillow.

"It's too much! Get up right now or I'll call your father" this was all her mother could threat her with.

Sara got up at once, taking her messed up hair behind her ears. While brushing her teeth, she peeped at the calendar. "Oh my God! It's 29 February 2020. It's my sixteenth birthday." She jumped, screamed and danced with all cheerfulness.

"I will wear the beautiful red gown tonight which I saw last Christmas, hanging outside the shop. My appreciation will dazzle my friends. Father must have booked the K.L. Panda Barbecue for me. It's a blessing to eat there. Yay! I will put on the prettiest make-up and steal the party" thought Sara while attending her boring maths lecture.

"Stand up Sara" her teacher, Mr Murthy ordered. "Go and solve the problem on the board."

She was unable to do that as she wasn't paying any attention. This made her the jester of the class. Her mood turned down.

In the school bus, which she had imagined everyone wishing her 'happy birthday, not a single person bothered her. It was a pretty usual day. Nonetheless, she was excited for the night.

"Mom, I am home!"

"Go wash your face and come back to have lunch."

"Is there anything special mom?" she asked with a wide smile on her face.

"You'll get to know once you come here to eat."

It was the usual salad lunch. Sara's excitement was reduced to half by then. She immediately went to her room and brought the calendar.

"Mom, do you see anything special this month?"

"Keep Quiet. Don't talk while eating Sara. I know all your tantrums of not eating salad."

Sara was highly disappointed. But she thought, " What's big if mom had forgotten my birthday, daddy will still remember and buy me a present."

Seeing no sign, no excitement and no preparations till evening, she thought that it's the end of the world. Then, she stepped on a bill from K.L. Panda Barbecue, a large table was reserved. She rejuvenated and danced.

"Yuppie! I knew that daddy cannot forget my birthday."

It was 9 o'clock by now and no one was ready to go.

"It's time to end the surprise now. Let's get ready and go party. I already know that you two have planned something for me" Sara vent out in frustration.

"What plans Sara?"

"Ah! Disgusting! Stop acting now. Aren't we going to the restaurant for my birthday?"

"Yes dear, but your birthday is on 14th March, right? ...."

Word count: 497 words
November 28, 2021 at 1:00am
November 28, 2021 at 1:00am

Kyoro, a teen girl, has a family debt to pay off. Heron is a brutal assassin, looking for an immediate bride. On a bus journey, they happen to meet and Heron finds his bride-to-be. Kyoro, still not ready for a marriage, has to get her family away from the burden.

So, they both sign up a contract marriage of 1 year.Kyoro's debt will be paid off, in return of, acting a good wife of Heron, in front of his family.

Followed by regular fights and love interactions, will they find their true soul mate? Will the marriage ever come to an end or will the contract marriage turn to a real marriage?
April 7, 2022 at 12:09pm
April 7, 2022 at 12:09pm
Have you ever wondered what makes an illusion successful? It's the PATTERN.

The colour patterns, the line patterns, the placing patterns and all sorts of patterns which creates a perfect illusion. An illustrator knows how different people with different perspectives will perceive that particular pattern. At a point of time, we may see something and then suddenly it can go and disappear and another will be seen by us. It's entirely about the pattern we observe and the pattern we ignore.

Illusions play a good role in judging the mental thinking of a person. Sometimes they can soothe us but maybe sometimes the vice versa.

Inspired by: 48-HOUR CHALLENGE "Note: 48-HOUR CHALLENGE : Media Prompt Deadl..."

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November 29, 2021 at 7:08am
November 29, 2021 at 7:08am
A little boy, lost in the bushes,
hiding from the world
was playing with a twig.

He drew some shapes,
a sceptre and a crown.
The world map, thereafter.
Him ruling above all.

His imagination was
beyond the world.
His power was
more than the word.

It was dark night,
the bushes swayed,
They didn't bother him.
He was in his own world.

Extraordinary capacity.
Excellent thoughts.
The boy was unaware,
the Bushes knew all.

They supported the boy,
gave him their shelter.
Bore the harsh environ'
A sacrifice for the 'coming great'.

Probably, the bushes had seen,
Rather, felt the upsurge.
They wanted it to grow
as far and as deep.

One day, the world will see
And evidence all the events
Which'd never ever occured
In the generations seen.

The boy will become a man
Rule and conquer the affirmation.
For the 'coming upsurge',
A Dark Revolution!

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