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September 7, 2021 at 9:58pm
September 7, 2021 at 9:58pm
"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer Spice Latte prompt:
  You have been chosen to speak at a Zoom conference concerning your chosen field. Over 500 people will attend. Each of them is new to your field and are waiting to hear words of advice from you about this field. What will you say to them to them concerning things you wish you’d known about the industry when you were getting started?

           My job now?
”Don’t do it! It’s not worth it!” But since my mood seems to go downhill when speaking of the mundane employment, I’m gonna pretend I’m a real writer. Job or purpose, the only difference between the two is the money. And maybe zeal.
           But as a writer? That’s pretty easy.
 1) Instructional books and guides are great at naming and making examples of grammar; they are horrible at conveying any part of the experience of being a writer.
 2) Take the hardest work you’ve ever done, and multiply it by your imagination. That’s not even half the work required by the craft.
 3) Your muse may be a metaphor or personification, but the result of the blasted thing is real. It doesn’t matter how you view it…it still causes the same itch to write, it requires a diet of books and movies and art, and, it’s more needy than anyone I’ve ever met…it also gives more rewards than anyone I’ve ever met.
 4) Confidence, ego, and being easy on yourself are just as important to the writer as knowledge, practice, and saving your work.
 5} Continuously save your work. Annoy yourself with how often you do it.
 6) Real characters only need to be started…after you introduce them, they’ll take off and write the story exactly how he or she wants it…that’s not a metaphor…you’ll type, and the character will write. I don’t make the rules.
 7) Prepare yourself for this one…the rules have rules, and the exceptions are all on a trial-and-error basis. Good luck.
 8) When you become overwhelmed with knowledge as this craft opens itself up, it’s okay to whine, and it helps to keep writing, but it is never okay to complain. The difference? You can whine and still be thankful…no matter how you complain, it’s a complaint and disrespectful to your source of knowledge.
 9) If you’re lucky enough to be introduced to someone who wants to help you evolve and who can substantiate their claims to do so, you drop your ego and listen and think. And appreciate him or her…she or he could be doing anything, especially when it comes to furthering themselves, and they don’t have time to waste…and neither do you.
 10) If one person in your real life gets your love for writing, if they want to talk to you about what you’re doing and become involved with your experience, count yourself fortunate. For everyone else, that’s why we have each other. (Thank you, WDC.)
 11) Good luck balancing what time you have. And I don’t know if I really believe any writer who claims to have things perfectly organized…I don’t trust it. And if you figure it out…please write about it, and tag me in it.
 12) Strunk. And. White.
 13) Omit these words and phrases without question:
           A. Literally
           B. “At the end of the day”
           C. very
           D. actually
           E. “I can’t describe it” (You, as a writer, have one job: describe)
           F. Literally. (I’m not kidding here.)
           G. Amazing
 14) But seriously? Keep loving who you are, no matter what you find out about yourself or your writing because of your writing. Not everyone is gonna get you and what you want to say, and sometimes someone may even send you a review just to take their life out on you, and even that’s okay. Write because you want to, and if you find that desire is real, the Universe will reward you with more bits and pieces of the craft than you can handle at one time. Being overwhelmed and feeling small is a compliment: it means you’re growing and, at the very least, trying.
 15) Be serious about the work, and laugh at everything. People may expect you to be perfect, but that’s their problem. The Universe (or God or however you see The Higher Spirit) expects us to be human, and from this experience come the stories that may become important to someone else, wringing emotion and thought inside the reader. Purpose.
 16) Open your mind, and your world will open.

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