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The first of a fictional western trilogy
Love it, love it, love it! From ((((((Kel)))))

*The published novel is rated "R", containing graphic violence, erotica, and so on.*

"A DOORWAY TO HEARTS" begins with the encounter of young Trent Walker and Lakota child Blazing Star at the Missouri Riverbank. They form a swift bond that grows throghout the years, but is threatened to be destroyed by extreme prejudice, betrayal, the Battles of Rosebud and Bighorn, and more. Following their hearts and capturing their mutual dream of unity between their races doesn't come easily and without extravagant prices to be paid, leaving both to wonder if their bond is powerful enough to survive such hardships.

An Indian! A real, honest to goodness Indian...the first thoughts young Trent Walker had when first encountering the arrogant Lakota child Blazing Star on the Missouri riverbank. After a brief exchange of words, the two rapidly discover they have much in common and become secretive friends due to the differences between their people. As they mature into adults, Trent and Blazing Star find that their dream of mutual peace is threatened by extreme prejudice, betrayal, and numerous other obstacles. Following their hearts becomes more difficult, and their dream more elusive. Can even a camaraderie as powerful as theirs survice such ordeals, or will it be severed?


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