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November 13, 2021 at 6:58pm
November 13, 2021 at 6:58pm
PROMPT November 14th

A Mystery Genre prompt tonight. You are researching your genealogy and find that ancestors from a different generations and different countries made visits to the same remote place. Tell us about this remote place. Why were your ancestors going there?

Funny this should come up today, my son has decided to take up genealogy and wanted to know birth, marriage dates etc. Also yesterday we were discussing all our myriad of video tapes. Some of them date back over 40 years. I want to get them put on to USB sticks but my husband says it’s a waste of money and that no one will care about them when we’ve gone. I think they’re a treasured archive of our lives. Surely someone will care? Won’t they?
As to the prompt, my family all went down the coal mines. Dirty stuff coal. Especially with global warming being so prevalent on everyone’s agenda.
Maybe there was more than coal down there. Those men used to go down the shaft for ten hour shifts, generations of them. It was certainly a secret society, no one ever really knows what else went one, beside digging for black gold.

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