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November 16, 2021 at 3:37am
November 16, 2021 at 3:37am
PROMPT November 16th

This one will cover one of my favorite subjects, Food.
Do you follow a certain regimen/diet when it comes to eating?
Other than something you might be allergic to, are there any foods you avoid or limit yourself to? What's your favorite meal to prepare. Share your recipe if you like. (I have a 'killer' chocolate recipe!)

Oh, it will be nice to talk food as John and I are on a ‘ten day lose ten pounds’ diet! We’re only on day three. John decided he was getting a bit of a belly, I think it’s because of the hormone therapy he’s on for prostate cancer. However because he’s always been slim, he’s not happy, so I’m joining him. I can always do with losing a bit of weight.
Normally we eat a Mediterranean diet. Very little red meat, more chicken and fish. Loads of fruit and vegetables. John does have a sweet tooth though and we aren’t allowing ourselves any chocolate biscuits with our coffee. No alcohol 😳
I HATE dieting!
I used to enjoy cooking for the family but now it’s just us two I don’t get the same pleasure out of it. Thinking of what to eat everyday and planning meals gets tedious. I’ll eat anything anyone else will prepare and serve me, just for the joy of not having to cook.
When my husband was working away from home for eight months I almost lived on Subways🤣

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