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November 21, 2021 at 7:58pm
November 21, 2021 at 7:58pm
PROMPT November 22nd

You have found that you can do something no one else can do. What is this special talent you have? Would it be considered a 'Super Power'? If you could have chosen this special ability, what would it be?

No one has realised yet but I can mind control. Hypnosis on steroids. This is a power I only recently realised I could tap into. A little late really in my life but better late than never I say.
It would have been really handy when I had three children under four. The twins would have slept soundly all night, the toddler wouldn’t have had tantrums because I would have been able to snap her out of them just with a click of my fingers.
But even though it is a latent power it’s still pretty useful. With just one look at my husband he’ll get up from the sofa and do the dishes and then bring me a cup of tea, or wine depending on what signal I send.
Shop assistance always ignored me because I used to be invisible being over certain age. Now they ignore all their other customers and zone in, eager to help in anyway I require.
A close relative of ours, whom I mention often in my blogs is always making some sort of mess of her life. Now I’ll be able to snap her out of her bad decision making. Oh no! It’s not working!
It was a pretty cool power to have while it lasted.🧐

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