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November 22, 2021 at 9:35pm
November 22, 2021 at 9:35pm
PROMPT November 23rd

In your blog today, tell us your favorite joke. It can be long, short, it does not matter. What makes this particular joke your favorite one? C'mon, show us your sense of humour.

I had one I was going to tell you before I went to choir today. Then someone told me this joke. I laughed so maybe it’s funny.

Soooo, a young lady was sitting on a long haul flight minding her own business when the man next to her interrupted her reading and says: “ Excuse me, I hate to interrupt you but I’ve always found on these long flights that a good discussion helps to pass the time.”
The girl looks at him, sighs and asks him what would he’d like to discuss?
He says, “Well, I notice you’re wearing a cross, so you’re probably religious. I’m an agnostic, so we could have a debate on the existence of God?”
She answers, “can I ask you a question first?
He says “sure, ask me anything you like”
She says: “okay, well you know I’ve always wondered about this question. It’s about animals that eat grass.”
The man nods.
The girl says: “Well, goats and sheep eat grass and their poo is like hard round pellets.”
The man nods.
The girl says: “Cows eat grass and they do huge cow pats?”
The man nods.
The girl says: “Horses eat grass but their excrements are more like brown torpedoes . Would you agree?”
The man nods.
The girl asks him “Why, if they all eat grass is their poo all different?”
The man says: “ I’m sorry my dear, I have no idea. I can’t answer that.”
The girl looks at him and says: “ you expect me to have a deep and meaningful philosophical discussion about the existence of God when you don’t know sh…! “

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