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by Sumojo
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The simplicity of my day to day.
This is where I write my thoughts, feelings and my daily trials, tribulations and happy things
November 8, 2021 at 12:40am
November 8, 2021 at 12:40am
PROMPT November 8th

What would you have to start doing now so that in 10 years you feel like you just had the best decade of your life?

If I’m blessed to have another ten years, I’d like to do more of all the things I do now. More singing, more writing. Perhaps join the local theatre and perform on stage which I have always wanted to do. I’d have to take on character parts though, old women, crones, that sort of thing😳
I’d like to learn a musical instrument and play it well. Maybe the piano or guitar. I’d like to be physically able to do one of the world’s famous walks. I’d make a list of all the really high places in the world, I love heights, and would visit them all, so I could see the glory of nature with an unobstructed view.
I’ll dream that these are all possible.

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