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by Joy
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How well do you know the poetic language? Test yourself with 10 questions at each try.
A painting by Van Gogh

          Like most living things, poetry has a language with special terms of its own.

         Sometimes, we receive reviews for our poems including some poetry terms.

         Sometimes, when we read a poem, we want recognize poetic devices the poet uses.

         Sometimes, we want to write poems using the poetic devices.

         All in these cases, knowing the terms enhances our appreciation of poetry.

         Here is a fun quiz to see how well you remember some of the terms of poetry.

          This quiz has a lot of questions. You may take it as many times as you wish. Each time you take it, it is possible to encounter different questions.

Good Luck!

1. Poetry Terms:
 What is a rhyme scheme?
       A metered line of verse        
       Words related in meaning        
       A pattern of end rhymes        
       A pattern of internal rhymes        
       Systematic implying of the same meaning in each line        
2. Poetry Terms:
 What is an invocation?
       The carrying over of one line into the next without any grammatical break        
       An adressing of a god or goddess usually in the beginning of an epic poem        
       A poem of loss, lamentation, regret, and sorrow        
       A poem that is a journal of the poet's daily activities ending in an epiphany        
       A half stanza concluding some French forms        
3. Poetry Terms:
 What is a collage poem?
       A poem with pictures or photos pasted on the side of the page it is written on        
       A visual poem that has a specific shape with each line printed ina different color        
       A poem with words and phrases put together from several unrelated sources        
       A poem that is a journal of the poet's daily activities        
       A poem made from lists of painting supplies        
4. Poetry Terms:
 "A little month! or ere those shoes were old/ With which she followed my poor father's body‚Ķ" Here, in Hamlet, Shakespeare refers to Niobe--who is the symbol of grief--while describing Queen Gertrude. What is the poetic device called when a poet refers to something with which he presumes the reader is familiar?
5. Poetry Terms:
 What is a pause or break in a line of poetry (sometimes but not always, a mark like a question mark or //), usually near the middle of the line called?
       Falling Meter        
       Feminine rhyme        
6. Poetry Terms:
 What is an octave or an octet in poetry?
       Olfactory imagery        
       A poem to be set to music        
       A stanza of eight lines        
       Four stanzas in syllabic verse        
       Name given to dramatic monologue        
7. Poetry Terms:
 What do we mean when we say "diction" in a poem?
       Word choices or the vocabulary of the poem        
       All the words with concrete images        
       The sporadic use of a foreign language in a poem        
       The theme of the poem        
       A poem without line breaks        
8. Poetry Terms:
 What is a repetend?
       Recycling the same line in different poems        
       A rhyme scheme with strict end rhymes        
       The irregular repetition of a word or phrase at various places in the entire poem        
       Repeated pausing after the first two words in the lines of a stanza        
       Poet's name deftly included and repeated several times in a poem        
9. Poetry Terms:
 Unrhymed iambic pentameter, which is a type of meter in poetry, and there are five iambs to a line. What is this called?
       Masculine Rhyme        
       Blank Verse        
10. Poetry Terms:
 What poetic device does Whitman use when he addresses Lincoln in "O Captain, My Captain!" as if he were alive and present and could reply?
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