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Revisit an old favorite and take the quiz!
Liked the show? Wished they would have finished it? Still think Michael T. Weiss was really cute? Me too.

I was quite obsessed with this show in high school and now own all 4 season and the 2 movies.

For anyone that followed it, they never did answer the big questions and it was ended with little satisfaction to the fans.

But I loved it and wanted to scope out who else did. And how much they remember...
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1. Project Jarod:
 What is the first project the Centre had Jarod do when he arrived?
       draw scematics        
       plan an assassination        
       build the empire state building from legos        
       rehearse military scenarios        
2. Location, Location:
 Where is the Centre located?
       Cape Cod        
       Just south of Boston        
       outside of Washington, DC        
       Blue Cove        
3. Alias:
 What is the empath Angelo's real name?
4. Send in the clones!:
 What is the first thing Jarod feeds his clone?
       tomato juice and wheatgrass        
       ice cream        
5. Sydney's Secrets:
 What is Sydney's big secret that eventually gets even Miss Parker into trouble?
       he has a twin        
       he let Jarod out        
       he killed Mr. Raines        
       he is Jarod's father        
6. Soup's on!:
 What was the gross thing Mr. Lyle ate?
7. We got our lines crossed:
 What show did a crossover with The Pretender?
       Law and Order        
       The Profiler        
8. Blondes have more fun:
 What was Brigitte's annoying habit?
       eating suckers        
       tapping her foot constantly        
       mimiking people        
       cracking her knuckles        
9. The Protector:
 Who would Broots do anything for?
       Miss Parker        
       his daughter        
10. Requiem:
 Which character died in Jarod's arms?
       his mother        
       his brother        
       his father        
       his sister        
*Star* This quiz does not allow multiple attempts...
          and you've already taken it once.
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