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A quiz to find if you are.... The ultimate RuneScape expert!
A quiz to see if you are the ultimate RuneScape expert!
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1. Player Legends:
 Which of these is a RueScape 'Skilleb' for _______ ______Capes in every Skill.
2. General:
 Where can you respawn after being killed?
       Falador and Lumbridge        
       Varrock and Lumbridge        
       Ape Atoll        
       Rimmington, Lumbridge, and Port Sarim        
       Port Sarim        
       Karajama Island, Port Sarim, Lumbridge        
3. Terms and Abbreviations:
 What does PK, XP, G, and K, mean?
       Player Killing, Experience, Gold, 1000 coins or higher        
       Player Killing, A emoticon, Gold, Kill        
       Player Keytrading, Experience, Gems, 999 coins or lower        
4. Skills:
 If someone is wearing a colored cape with a Skill's emblem on it? What type of cape is it and what have they achieved?
       A GuildCape, they are part of this Skill's Guild.        
       A MasterCape, They have achieved Level 99 in a skill.        
       A MasterCape, They have achieved Level 100 in a skill        
       A SkillCape, They have achieved Level 100 in a skill.        
       A SkillCape. They have achieved Level 99 in a skill.        
       A SkillCape. In this Skill they have the most experience (XP)        
       They have killed a player with it and is wearing it to show-off.        
5. Gods:
 Name the Big Three
       Zues, Poseidon, Hades        
       Zezima, Guthix, Zaros        
       Guthix, Hedious, Saradomin        
       Saradomin, Zamarok, Guthix        
       Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak        
       Mimba, Sarodo, Guthix        
       Zamorak, Zaros, Zebetix        
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