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by Emily
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This quiz is based on the pilot episode of 'Glee'. Please take! Thank you! :)
This quiz is based on 'Glee''s, the Pilot episode. So if you have the bravery, please take!!! Reviews are also greatly appreciated! :)
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1. 'Glee' Pilot Episode Quiz - Quiz 1:
 What color is Mr. Schue's car?
2. 'Glee' Pilot Episode Quiz - Quiz 1:
 What was the Glee Club name?
       Vocal Adrenaline.        
       New Directions.        
       No Directions.        
       The Hipsters.        
       Aural Intensity.        
       They never had a Glee Club name,        
3. 'Glee' Pilot Episode Quiz - Quiz 1:
 What song did the ND sing at the end of the episode?
       'Taking Chances'        
       'Push It'        
       'Take A Bow'        
       'Rose's Turn'        
       'Don't Stop Believin''        
       'Safety Dance'        
4. 'Glee' Pilot Episode Quiz - Quiz 1:
 What happened to Kurt in the beginning of this episode?
       He came to talk to Mr. Schue.        
       He walked inside William McKinley.        
       He was with Mercedes.        
       He was thrown into the dumpster.        
       He was putting his things in his locker.        
       He was listening to 'Wicked' on his iPod.        
       He wasn't in the beginning.        
5. 'Glee' Pilot Episode Quiz - Quiz 1:
 Why was the coffee pot gone in the Teacher's Lounge?
       Sue stole it.        
       Emma was cleaning it.        
       The teachers had the cup.        
       There wasn't any coffee in the first place.        
       It was in another teacher's room.        
       The Glee kids were using it for some reason, that they didn't mention.        
       Principal Figgins got rid of it.        
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