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by Mitch
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Contest Prompt: Planets
In the ancient days
The world was ruled by gods.
Mars and Neptune and Jupiter reigned.

In my ancient days
My world was ruled by gods.
Mickey and Goofy were worshipped.

In these modern days
A world of gods named
Trump and Gates and Buffett rule all.

In the early mornings
I leave in my Saturn for work
And pray for the return of many dollars.

In the hot afternoons
As the Mercury tops out
I canonize Carrions I pass.

In the late evenings
I enjoy the Sci/Fi channel
Praising Enterprise circling Uranus

In quiet times
My son brings me to Earth
When I watch him exalt Donald and Pluto.

In moments of reflection
I return to the ancient times
Watching my wife and extoling Venus.

In retrospect it seems
That with faith or without
We always invoke a higher power.

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