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Will begging get me what I need on Writing.Com? No.
Give Me, Give Me, Give Me
by Vivian Gilbert Zabel

         Once upon a time, people stood at the intersections of major roads holding handmade signs reading, “Will work for food,” begging. If anyone offered some work, the majority of the beggars would give some excuse or would never show up. What they wanted was money, not work, not food. Now, beggars stand on those same corners with signs just asking for money. In some cities, ragged homeless people dart into stopped traffic to wipe windshields in order to get paid for unwanted and substandard work. Or the raggedly dressed individuals approach passers-by and request, even demand, money. Begging is begging when asking for help is done inappropriately.

         On Writing.Com, instances of begging are found through handles, messages on scroll, emails sent out to multiple members, postings, and billboards. Many appropriate means to receive help with upgrades exist, but many people want more. They become beggars standing on corners with signs. When asked why they don’t go to an “angel” forum to ask for help with an upgrade, they often say, “I just hate to beg.” What? But that’s what they are doing, begging.

         No matter how philanthropic the reason for asking for gift points (GPs) may be, when asking for others to provide the means for oneself to use for whatever reason is still as selfish as begging for one’s own use. “Give me, and I’ll give to others” is still begging, still selfish. Letting others know of someone’s need is fine. Then those notified can decide to help the person in need. Asking for GPs to give to that person in our own names is as selfish as keeping the gift points.

         Most learned to ignore the beggars on the corners, just as many are learning to ignore the beggars on the site. Members are upset and disgusted with the practice of asking others to carry the cost of those unwilling to review, enter contests, request help from any of the groups that offer to help, or to “earn” their gift points in any way. Begging is begging when asking for help in inappropriate ways.

         Appropriate ways to earn gift points can be done through reviewing people we haven't before, reviewing newbies, reviewing items that give Auto-rewards (go to Site Navigation, then Item Jumps, and click on Auto-rewards), as well as entering contests. Everyday we are given gift points by the site for all reviews we do that day, on top of all other GPs received, "Daily Review Rewards.

         I have needed help in the past, and may need it again, but I hope I have never begged. I have entered contests, many contests, winning from time to time. I reviewed until my fingers nearly dropped off. Then, I’ve gotten gift points the old fashioned way: I paid for them after budgeting and deciding what was important. As someone on a very modest fixed income, I know how hard it is to manage. At times I can’t pay for GPs, or my contest entries aren’t winning. When that happens, I can't give any to those who review me, nor can I help with others’ upgrades, no matter how much I wish I can. However, if I needed an upgrade and couldn’t afford it, I would apply to one or more of the groups that help.

         Let’s make Writing.Com a place where people don’t feel uncomfortable or upset due to beggars on the corners.
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