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the first part to a fewparts of a story im writing; the events between a man and a woman.
-Title under contruction-
Dark Dreams

It had been a long night; the only reason she went out was following her into her apartment. He was tall with dark hair and green eyes. He was of average build and had a name of which she didn’t know, not that it mattered; he was there for one purpose and one purpose only.

She turns to lock the front door and shows him into her place, he makes some small talk about it being nice but she wasn’t paying attention, she smiled and said “thank you” as she put her things away in their usual places, her keys and purse went into a drawer and her jacket was hung over the back of a chair. There was an awkward silence, as they looked at each other unsure of what each of them had in mind.

She offered him a drink, he shook his head declining her offer and watched her remove her shoes. She walked towards him and asked if he wanted to remove his jacket, he slid it off of his shoulders and placed it on the table. Once again they were both wondering about the others thoughts, she could no longer wait her hands slid around his waist and she pulled him into her. He looked a little shocked as her hands slid up his back slowly, her hands were moving higher, he put his arms around her and she moved her hands to the back of his neck pulling him into a kiss.

Her lips were soft and full, his body was warm and his embrace was getting tighter. She relaxed her hold and softly ran her fingertips along the back of his neck; he flinched slightly and slid his tongue between her lips. She grinned and gently bit down on his tongue moving her hands down his back again then around to his stomach. His eyes widened slightly feeling her teeth and his embraced loosened. She let him retract his tongue while still keeping a gentle bite on it and moved in to let her lips meet his once again. She pulled her lips away from his and smirked at him, he looked at her blue-grey eyes and was both shocked and intrigued by the stranger standing across from him.

She moved towards him again, sliding her hand down his chest and stomach to the belt around his waist. She slowly slid her fingers inside the top of his jeans and led him towards another room. He couldn’t resist her, he didn’t want to resist her, and he slid his shoes off as he followed her. She led him toward a bed in the middle of the room and stood him in front of it. She released her grip on his jeans and belt and slowly slid her hands under his shirt along his stomach. Her fingertips were cold against his warm skin and her nails softly trailed the surface of his stomach, sliding his shirt up as her hands moved. Her hands moved to his sides and finally removed his shirt unveiling his lightly tanned skin; she let the shirt drop to the floor and slid her tongue slowly across his neck.

He slid his hands around her waist as her tongue trailed across his throat to the other side of his neck. He bowed his head forward and kissed her neck softly, her tongue trailed further up his neck as she softly bit his earlobe. He pulled her into him tighter and she moved her fingernails slowly down his back, scratching it softly her fingernails found the middle of his lower back and she circled her fingertips slowly around as she gently flicked her tongue across his neck. He slid his hands under her top and over her head dropping it onto the floor, he ran his fingers through her dark hair and she softly bit into his neck, a slight gasp escaped his lips and she released her bite. Her lips softly kissed his neck again moving further up towards his mouth.

His hands were no longer in her hair; he moved his fingertips across the lower part of her back and pressed his lips against hers. His hands moved up towards her bra; she moved and he stopped. Her hands moved from the middle of his back to his stomach, and down towards his belt. She slowly undid and removed his belt; his lips trailed along her shoulder towards her neck. She slid her hands into the back pockets of his jeans and pulled him into her. His hands moved to her waist as he pushed harder into her. Her hands moved out from his back pockets and to his stomach where she softly pushed him so he was sitting on the bed. He took one of his hands away from her waist and grabbed the front of her jeans pulling her onto him. Both of her legs went either side of his as she straddled him.

She rolled her body and pushed herself against him, he groaned quietly as she rubbed herself against him. His hands moved to her lower back and into her back pockets pulling her as close into him as he could, she felt him growing harder, she smiled and said “mmm, nice” trailing her tongue across his lips slowly. Her hands had moved from his stomach to his back and up to his neck. Her fingernails once again tracing along his skin, her lips met his as he grabbed her ass through her jeans.

She pushed herself forward against him and he lay down on the bed. Her lips moved from his and made their way down to his neck. Her fingertips were slowly sliding down his sides as she moved lower. Her tongue circled one of his nipples and her hands ran across his stomach gently. He squeezed her ass again when she softly bit his nipple; she released the bite and slowly moved lower and lower. His hands were no longer able to stay in her pockets as she moved down. He let his hands move up her back as she moved down. Her fingertips were sliding up and down his sides and her tongue was softly circling his navel, her hands moved down to his jeans and undid the button slowly. Her lips moved further down towards the top of his jeans and she looked into his green eyes as she slid the zipper down slowly.

She playfully walked her fingertips across the top of his boxers under his jeans and kissed her way down from his navel. He helped her remove the jeans and ran her fingers along the inside of his legs towards the leg of the boxers. She slowly slid herself against his boxers and felt his hard penis move between her breasts as she kissed her way back up his stomach. Her tongue circles around his navel as she watches him try to take control of the situation. Her hand slowly moves towards the edge of his boxers, his eyes widen hopefully as her fingers slowly slide inside. She traces her fingernails slowly along his skin, her lips gently trail along the edge of his boxers and he moves his hands through her hair, she looks up at him and moves her fingertips and her lips slowly up his body, pressing herself against him.

Her leg slides between his thighs as she moves further up his body, her tongue slides up his chest and throat and to his lips; her hands move up along his sides. Her tongue gently runs along his lips and he moves his hands down her back. She slides her leg against him putting slight pressure on his penis, he groans and presses his lips firmly against hers. His hands move from her back to her sides trying to get between them both. She moves one of her hands down to meet his bringing it up to her lips. She kisses and licks his fingertips softly and slides one of his fingers slowly into her mouth. Her tongue slides up and down his finger as she pushes herself harder against him. She slowly slides his finger out of her mouth and kisses his neck working her way down his chest and stomach, her fingernails gently pressing against his sides as she slides herself down his body. His fingers run along her back and through her hair, she again reaches the edge of his boxers and looks up at him.

Her fingers move from his sides and to the front of his boxers where she slides the material against his penis softly. His grip on her hair tightens as the material slowly moves across his skin. She moves her hands to his sides and up towards his hips and slowly towards the edge of his boxers. He helps her remove them and she smiles as her hand slides up the inside of his thigh her fingernails softly trail along his skin and across his testicles, gently rubbing them. Her tongue slowly slides down his stomach and softly circles around the base of his penis. He flinches as her tongue slides along his penis and she kisses the head softly. Her hands move to his stomach and she gently slides her nails across his skin.

His hands move through her hair pulling it away from her face as her tongue circles the tip of his penis slowly and gently, she looks up at him, his eyes are watching her every move as one of her hands slides down to his penis. Her fingernails slide up and down it softly and he tries to move his body against hers. Her fingertips circle the head and gently scratching across the delicate skin, he groans and lets go of her hair. Her hand moves back up towards his stomach gently rubbing it as she circles her tongue around the tip of his penis. He pushes his hips slightly forward and she slowly slides it into her mouth. Her tongue presses hard against his penis as her lips move all the way to the base; she gently presses her teeth against it and slowly slides back up, her hands moving to his sides once more.

Her teeth gently slide along the tip and back down again, she catches the skin between her teeth and slowly slides it back and forth over the tip, her eyes fixed on his. Her tongue slides back and forth across the head as she releases her bite and slides it deeper into her mouth. A moan escapes his lips as she gently massages his penis with her tongue, gently sucking on it and watching his eyes. Applying more and more pressure with her tongue he closes his eyes and his breathing becomes heavier. He moves his hands back through her hair and her fingernails gently dig into his sides. His penis throbs harder in her mouth, her eyes still watching him; his grip on her hair tightens and he pushes himself further into her mouth. His penis pulses harder in her mouth against her tongue and his breathing becomes heavier and faster her nails dig further into his sides slightly piercing the skin; her eyes watch his every expression she feels all his muscles tensing as she moves his penis towards the back of her throat. His eyes widen when she moves her tongue faster along his skin, her fingernails pierce into him further as he pulls on her hair tightly. His penis throbs harder and harder he moans deeply as he climaxes, she feels his ejaculated fluids slide down her throat and into her mouth, the muscles in his body relax and his grip on her hair loosens.

His breathing still deep slows down and he closes his eyes, her tongue continues to flick back and forth across his penis. She slides her fingertips across his stomach and slowly runs her teeth along his penis to the tip, kisses it softly and slowly moves up his body. She moves her legs to either side of him, his penis slides between her breasts and she continues to move up his body, he looks up at her and smiles. She licks her lips and he leans up and kisses her, his hands moving down her shoulders and back.
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