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Written while driving near Muscogee, Oklahoma. Somewhat philosophical.
With time

Add the numbers.

How many spots
move black and white
in a field of cows?

Gaze now.

How the green of pasture
hurts the eyes
worse than horns of a bull at rest.

Look close.

Even the grey helmets
at the side of the road
will reveal themselves
as guineafowl today.

Move slow.

Arrows cleave the blue above,
the stone of earth below.
Man's paths to somewhere.

Going where?

The spots in a field of cows
like skunks,
dead by the side of roads,

can be counted.

With time ...
the grains of sand cry out,
you could even count us.

Kåre Enga © 2004

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3 april 2004.
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