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About how true love can happen over the strangest things. :)
He sat across from her
she sat across from him
she told him her name was Judy and he said
Hey, My name is Jim

He asked her if she liked rap music
she asked him if he like mozart
and then she did a stupid thing
she let out a horrible fart

It wasn't a very quiet one
You could say it was really loud
He looked at her in shock and said
Hey, I think that fart would make a cow proud

She blushed and tried to deny it was her
But they both knew it was

He took her hand
looked into her eyes
He whispered she made him proud

But why..she murmered.
I dont understand
It is rather embarrassing to fart in front of my man

He grabbed her by the waist
He lifted her high into the air
He looked up into her eyes
They were as blue as the sky

He lowered her down and kiss her real hard
He bent her over
He let out a fart

He vowed with every soul of his heart
That he would never leave his fart girl

He took her small hand into his
He took her down to the beach
There he layed out a blanket
And some food to eat

Then he farted just once
He encouraged her to
Together they farted until the sky turned dark blue

Oh Fart girl, he sighed
I want you by my side
I want you for my bride

So they married that year
Together they stayed

They bought a cow manure factory
It really thrived

They had several children
All of them smart

They all grew to up
They called their parents Old Farts

Moral: So dont be afraid to fart...it could be leading you to the one you will love, with all of your heart

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